By agreeing to this affirmation of eligibility statement, I affirm that I am eligible to attend a defensive driving course for citation dismissal. I understand that “eligibility” means:

I have not attended a defensive driving class for any Arizona citation dated within 12 months of the date of the citation for which I am now attending.

My traffic violation did not result in a collision that killed or seriously injured (as defined in ARS 13-105.34) any person.

I am not currently registered for, nor do I plan to attend, any other defensive driving course for citation dismissal.

Additionally, by agreeing to this affirmation of eligibility statement:

I understand that it is my sole responsibility to affirm my eligibility and if I am later found ineligible to attend for this citation, the court cannot dismiss the citation, and all fees paid to attend will not be returned.

If I am found ineligible, I will resolve my citation with the court of jurisdiction.

By attending defensive driving school for this citation and having the citation dismissed, I am forfeiting my right to challenge the citation, making me ineligible to attend again and have future citations dismissed for 1 year, even if the current citation is determined defective for any reason.

If you prefer to challenge the citation and preserve your eligibility for the future, you should not enroll in defensive driving school at this time.