Online traffic school with classes for those who’ve received a traffic ticket in Arizona. Our convenient online defensive driving courses can help keep your MVD/DMV record clean while we handle the majority of filings with the courts so you can stay on the road without issue. If eligible, violations are dismissed and no points added to your license / Arizona Motor Vehicle Division record.

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Safe Streets Academy offers services to the whole of Arizona and beyond. Our customer service representatives can be reached at (800) 304-6974 or send an email via our Contact Form if you have any questions. If unavailable at the moment, someone will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Did not attend Arizona traffic school in the last year.
  • The violation was not received while driving a commercial vehicle.
  • The violation must not be for a traffic crash involving serious injury or death.
  • The violation must be for an eligible civil traffic violation.
  • Classes have to be finished seven days before the court date or extended court date.
  • To See List of Eligible Violations, Click Here

Arizona Defensive Driving Schools Are Required to Collect the Court Diversion Fee (Cost Varies by Court), a State Surcharge of $45, and a State Fee of $24. Before Starting the Course, in addition to the School Fee of $38.

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4 Hour Online Course

A standard four (4) hour traffic school. However, the course does not have to be completed at one time. Once you begin, you can log on/off. Our classes are quick, designed for your convenience, and can be completed from home.

  • Traffic Survival School
  • Student Driver Education Courses
  • Driving Courses for Practical Hands-on Training
  • Traffic Survival School for a Red Light Violation

Convictions of ARS 28-645A3A-Fail to Stop for Red Light or 28-647.1-Fail to Obey Flashing Red Stop Signal must attend Traffic Survival School (MVD requirement), which we do NOT provide.

Arizona Supreme Court License #581
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